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Current Volunteers only: Click here.

Would you like to volunteer with Pasco County Libraries ?

We appreciate your interest in becoming a library volunteer.

Click here to fill out an application. (After you click, scroll to the bottom of that page - go to page 2 - & click on "Volunteer - Libraries".)

A library representative will contact you within 7-10 business days after submitting your application.

Job function availability depends on the needs of each branch. The library representative will provide details when they contact you. 

Important!  Court-ordered community service or diversion program?  Do not use the VIP application.  Refer to this list  

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To contact the library about the volunteer program, please send an email to


Job Functions

Ambassador Outreach

Audio-Video Tester

Book Refresher

Book Sale Assistant

Computer Helper

Data Survey Conductor

Display Designer

Friends Participant

Homework Helper

Hospitality Events Assistant

Information Helper

Library Sleuth

Magazine Helper

Makerspace Volunteer


Missing Materials Searcher

New Patron Pack 

Newsletter Editor

Pre-Opening Setup

Requests Helper

Self-Check Assistant

Shelf Helper

Storytime Helper

Technology Website 

Teen Reading Partners

Teen Trainers for Seniors

Telephone Duty