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Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System considers use of any of the furniture, equipment or building fixtures to constitute acceptance of this policy.


All furniture, equipment and building fixtures, whether paid for by the County or donated to the library, are the property of the Pasco County Library System as a department of County government. The library acts as caretaker of all such items for the benefit of the citizens of Pasco as a whole.

Statement of Policy:

Any piece of furniture and/or equipment may be restricted to the use of library staff in the performance of their duties.

Any piece of furniture and/or equipment may be restricted for specific library functions, and, thus, not be available for general use.

Individuals may not monopolize any piece of furniture or equipment for their own use to the exclusion of others, nor may they restrict or deny library staff free and unfettered access to any furniture, equipment or building fixture.

Library furniture, equipment, and building fixtures are to be used only for the purposes intended.

Library furniture and equipment is not available for the personal entertainment or recreational activities of any individual.

Misuse or inappropriate use of any furniture, equipment or building fixture is prohibited.

Theft, mutilation, or defacement of materials, items or property owned by the library is prohibited and will be pursued with appropriate law enforcement officials.

Violation of Policy:

Patrons who violate the library’s Furniture and Equipment policy will be made aware of the violation. Patrons who do not correct their behavior, or that of their children, immediately will be asked to leave the building and prohibited from returning for a specific amount of time as determined by the Branch Manager or their designee. Failure to leave the building when asked to do so will be considered trespassing, and may result in the Sheriff or local police being contacted.

Patrons causing damage to any furniture, equipment or building fixture may be financially responsible for repair or replacement.

Repeated violations of, or a single egregious violation of, the Furniture and Equipment Policy could result in suspension of library privileges and/or being permanently barred from all County libraries.