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Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System considers attendance at a gaming event to constitute acceptance of this policy.


For library purposes gaming is defined as the playing of traditional and electronic games. It expressly excludes gambling.


The Pasco County Library System is a vital public resource serving the community as a gateway to an expanding world of knowledge, enriching lives within the community, adapting to the emerging needs of residents and the changing technologies they use.

Gaming has emerged as a significant activity for attracting library users of all types, but most especially teens and pre-teens. Gaming and game playing, both electronic games and traditional games, have been found to support skill development in a wide variety of areas including reading, writing, problem solving, researching and evaluating information, decision making, collaboration, team building, leadership, spatial reasoning, information processing, social interaction, and creativity.

The Pasco County Library System has actively developed gaming events as a way to gain youth involvement in other library and community programs as volunteers and participants, thus reaching groups that would otherwise be un-served or disconnected.

Building relationships with teens and pre-teens in a positive atmosphere with boundaries helps them to become better citizens and prepares them for the future.

Gaming events are actively supported by the community and the Friends of the Library. Gaming equipment has been donated to the library for use in gaming events. No taxpayer dollars have been spent in purchasing gaming equipment.

Statement of Policy: 

  • Planning of gaming events will be the responsibility of library staff. Input may be sought from the Teen Advisory Board.

  • The library reserves the right to limit the number of participants in any gaming event.

  • The library reserves the right to limit a gaming event to specific age groups.

  • Gaming events will be contingent on space availability and on the schedule of other library sponsored events.

  • Gaming events will be supervised by library staff at an appropriate staff/participant ratio.

  • Gaming events will not interfere with normal library activities or the enjoyment of the library by others.

  • Gaming events will be limited to areas designated by library staff and all participants will remain in this area while participating in the event.

  • Images that might be considered as offensive or harmful to minors are not to be displayed in any area of the library.

  • The library’s authority for the ranking of electronic games will be the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Both rating symbols and content descriptions will be considered when selecting electronic games to be played. Unrated games will be reviewed by library staff before they are allowed to be played. 

  • During normal operating hours all electronic games must be rated Teen (T) or below.

  • Participants in gaming events are expected to abide by all other relevant library policies. This may include, but is not limited to, the Patron Conduct Policy, the Internet Computer/Electronic Device Policy, the Furniture and Equipment Policy, and the Food and Beverage Policy.

  • Library owned equipment will be used for gaming events.

  • Under certain conditions, as decided by library staff, equipment owned by participants may be allowed. The participant accepts all responsibility for their own equipment and such events as damage, theft, or breakage. The participant acknowledges that other persons may utilize their equipment during the event.

  • Some gaming events may be held after normal operating hours. 

    • After hours gaming events will be dependent on the availability of library staff and facilities.

    • Adults (18 or older), with the exception of parents accompanying their child, will not be allowed to attend teen events.

    • After hours gaming events for adults (18 and older) may utilize electronic games rated M (Mature) if the game is not described by the Entertainment Software Rating Board as having intense violence, drug reference, use of drugs, use of alcohol, strong language, strong lyrics, and has none of the sexual content descriptors.

    • No A (Adults Only) rated games are allowed.

    • Allowable M-rated games will only be available for use with close library staff supervision and in designated areas. 

    • Teens (11-17) may be allowed to attend adult gaming events only with written permission of a parent or guardian, or accompanied by a parent or guardian. The gaming event permission form is available from library staff.

    • Single-user hand-held electronic devices are not utilized at gaming events. 

Violation of Policy: 

Participants who violate this policy will be made aware of the violation. Participants who do not correct the behavior immediately will be asked to leave the building and prohibited from returning for a specific amount of time as determined by the Branch Manager or their designee. Failure to leave the building when asked to do so will be considered trespassing and may result in local law enforcement being contacted.

Repeated violations of, or a single egregious violation of, this policy could result in suspension of event attendance privileges and/or being permanently barred from all gaming events. Patrons who engage in illegal behavior will be reported to the appropriate legal authority.