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APRIL 2005
JULY 2008
MARCH 2013
APRIL 2016


Acceptance Statement:

The Pasco County Library System considers registration for a borrower card to constitute acceptance of this policy.


The Pasco County Library System provides service to all without discrimination, regardless of age, sex, race, philosophy, or lifestyle. The Pasco County Library System provides free library cards to residents of the county, persons in the employ of Pasco County, and persons who pay a property tax or license a business in Pasco County but reside outside of Pasco County.

Proof of Permanent Address or Residency:

When applying for a library card, proof of permanent address in Pasco County is required. If no proof of permanent address in Pasco County is presented, an unverified registration, which limits the user to borrowing two items, can be issued. Unverified registrants may only borrow hardcover and paperback books, magazines, and e-content. They may not place Inter- Library Loans (ILL), nor borrow other materials including but not limited to: DVDs, games, electronic equipment, kits, audiobooks, museum passes and Library of Things (hotspots, adaptive toys, etc.). 

Acceptable forms of proof of permanent address include:

  • Unexpired Florida Driver's License

  • Florida Voter Registration

  • Pasco County Property Tax Receipt

  • Personal checkbook with street address printed on check

  • Utility or Telephone Bill in your name referencing a Pasco County address

  • Florida ID card

  • Certificate of Residency

  • Cancelled mail in your name showing current address

  • Pasco County Business License

  • Pasco County Employee ID

  • Pasco School ID

Children from 0-15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to obtain a library card.  Parents or guardians are responsible for fines or fees accumulated by their children.    

An Institutional Card may be issued to private or public institutions such as residential health care facilities within the county. An Institutional Card Registration Form can be obtained at any Pasco County Library System location and when completed will be submitted to the Pasco County Library System Administrative Office for approval and card issuance.  

Digital cards (e-Cards) are available for Pasco County residents who are unable to visit the library. Digital cards (e-Cards) allow for instant access to e-resources.  

A reciprocal borrower registration is available for patrons of participating library systems. For additional information see the Library’s Reciprocal Borrowing Policy. Pasco County Library System does not offer a non-resident library card other than to reciprocal borrowers. 

Terms of Use:

Once issued, library cards shall remain valid for three consecutive years, except unverified cards which expire after 12 months. Once expired, patrons must verify their contact information at any branch or over the phone to renew their card and reinstate borrowing privileges. If name or address changes must be made, patrons must renew their account in person with appropriate documentation. Library cards that are inactive for three years will be deleted from the patron database. If fines or fees are attached to the patron record, the library card will be deleted after five years. Borrowing privileges shall be suspended if unpaid late fees accrue in excess of $4.99. A suspension of borrowing privileges may be waived where extenuating circumstances exist in the opinion of the library branch manager or designee. 

All information supplied in the registration process is strictly confidential, and the Pasco County Library System is prohibited by Section 257.261, Florida Statute, from revealing patron-related information. For specific information see the Library's Confidentiality Policy.

Patron Registration Form:

Click here to print Patron Registration Form or Spanish Patron Registration Form.

Please bring the completed form to the Circulation Desk at any Pasco County Cooperative location.