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New River Library Remodel


New River Branch Library Branch Renovations


Will the library close while it’s being renovated?

  • Yes. However, every effort is being made to maintain continuity of the events and programs that are offered. Alternative locations for programs, such as parks and recreation centers, are being identified now and will be advertised on our website, through social media, newspapers, etc. Check the website often for updates and news about the renovations.

When will the library close?

  • The library will close October 1, 2019.

When will it reopen?

  • While we were hoping for a reopening soon after 2021 the New Year, that has been pushed back to an undetermined date, probably in the spring. The contractor continues to experience materials delays in part due to Covid-19, but they are working hard to complete the remodel as soon as possible. We understand your frustrations and appreciate your patience and understanding. Watch for updates on the Library website and social media pages. Thank you.

How can I pick up books and other materials?

  • The Hugh Embry Library (14215 Fourth Street, Dade City, 352-567-3576) will remain open while New River is being renovated. Also, nearby is Zephyrhills Public Library (5347 8th Street, Zephyrhills, 813-780-0064). Inter-Library transfers of books can be picked up at either location. With the exception of the Centennial Park branch in Holiday, which is also closed for remodeling during this time, all other libraries will be open and maintaining their regular hours.

Where will the staff go during the renovations?

  • All staff will be relocated to other branches or the alternate sites, or will be conducting community outreach.

How are the renovations being paid for?

  • Through a General Obligation Bond (GO Bond) that was approved by Pasco County voters in November, 2018. A GO Bond is a municipal bond secured by the issuing government’s pledge to use all available resources, including tax revenues, to repay holders of the bond.

What can I expect when the library reopens?

  • The interior will be completely updated and modernized. There will be new spaces for adults, teens, and kids, meeting spaces, new technology, a lobby with self-service café, an art display area, and a central service desk. There will also be a makerspace within the library. Monday hours will also take effect when the library reopens.

 Will there still be books in the library?

  • Yes, there will be plenty of books in our collection. However, we will be utilizing a more efficient use of shelving space to make room for the expanded public spaces. Plus, our collection will be more tailored to the community’s needs.

[Updated 1/12/21]