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List_of_ seed

Note: Some seeds may not be immediately available but the library strives to complete your seed requests as quickly as possible. If some seeds are not readily packaged, we will send what is currently ready and fill the remaining portion of the request as soon as possible.


Seed Type: Arugula

Seed Type: Bean
Blue Lake Bush Bean;  Contender Bean;  Contender Bean; Edamame Soybean; French Garden Bean; Golden Wax Bean; Italian Snap Bean; Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean; Old Homestead Beans; Royalty Purple Pod Bean; Royalty Purple Pod Bean; Yard Long Green Bean; Chioggia Beet; Rainbow Mix Beet; Detroit Dark Red; Early Wonder Tall Beet; Golden Detroit Beet.

Seed Type: Broccoli
Broccoli; Piracicaba; Calabrese Broccoli; Di Cicco Broccoli; Raab Spring Rapini Broccoli; Romanesco Broccoli; Long Island Brussel Sprout

Seed Type: Cabbage
Flat Dutch Cabbage; Red Acre Cabbage

Seed Type: Cantaloupe
Hales Best Jumbo

Seed Type: Cantaloupe
Hales Best Jumbo

Seed Type: Carrot
Cosmic Purple Carrot; Culinary Blend Carrot; Danvers 126 Half Long Carrot; Danvers Carrot; Little Finger Carrot; Rainbow Blend Carrot; Royal Chantenay Carrot; Scarlet Nantes Carrot; Touchon

Seed Type: Chard
Flamingo Chard 

Seed Type: Corn
Brocade Corn; Country Gentleman Corn; Dakota Black Popcorn Corn; Glass Gem Corn; Golden Bantam Sweet Corn; Spectrum Red Husk Corn; True Gold Corn  

Seed Type: Cucumber
Lemon Cucumber; Lemon Cucumber; Marketmore 76 B; Marketmore 76 Cucumber BBB; Marketmore TL; National Pickling Cucumber; Poona Kheera Cucumber ;Tendergreen Cucumber   

Seed Type: Dill
Herb Dill Bouquet BBB

Seed Type: Eggplant
Black Beauty BBB; Black Beauty Eggplant BC; Long Purple Eggplant; Purple Long Eggplant

Seed Type: Fennel
Florence Fennel; Herb Florence Fennel

Seed Type: Flower
Birds Eye Flower; Blue Sage Flower; Chamomile Flower; Drum Stick Flower; Dwarf Fairy Mix; Candytuft Flower; Electron Mix Sweet William Flower; Indian Springs Mix Hollyhock; Native Wildflower Mix N. American Perennial; Salmon Larkspur Flower; Semi-Tall Single Mix Godetia Flower; Starflower Borage; Toothpick Flower; White Larkspur Flower; Wildflower Mix Southwest

Seed type: Greens
Custom Blend Mesclun Greens

Seed Type: Herb
Culinary Basil Blend - Herb; Culinary Blend Basil; Italian Large Leaf; Lime Basil - Herb; Red Rubin Basil - Herb ; Sweet Basil; Sweet Basil - Herb; Thai Basil - Herb; Standard Chives; Cilantro; Herb Slow-Bolting Coriander Cilantro; Lemon Balm; Mammoth Dill; Roselle St Kitts and Nevis Herb; Summer Savory; Sweet Marjoram; Herb Sage BBB; Sage English Thyme; German Winter Thyme; Herb Thyme Vulgare; Zavory Spice Pepper

Seed Type: Kate:
Black Magic Kale; Blue Curled Scotch Kale; Garden Blend Kale; Red Russian Kale; Red Russian Kale; Ripbor Kale; Siberian Kale;

Seed Type Kohlrabi
Purple Vienna Kohlrabi; White Vienna Kohlrabi

Seed Type: Leek
Varna Leek

Seed Type: Lettuce
Anuenue Batavian Lettuce; Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce; Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce-Leaf; Buttercrunch ; Buttercrunch Lettuce-Bibb; Dark Green Romaine Lettuce Dark Lolla Rosa Lettuce; Freckles Lettuce; Giant Caesar; Gourmet Mix; Green Salad Bowl Lettuce-Leaf; Jericho Lettuce-Romaine; Little Caesar Romaine ; Merveille Des 4 Saisons Lettuce-Bibb Mesclun Mix Greens; Michelle Lettuce; Morgana Lettuce; Parris Island Cos Lettuce-Romaine; Red Deer Tongue Lettuce; Red Oak Leak Lettuce; Red Sails Lettuce-Leaf; Red-Tinged Winter Lettuce Romulus Lettuce; Speckled Bibb Lettuce; Speckles Bibb Lettuce; Summer Bibb Lettuce; Thai Oakleaf Lettuce; Tricolored Romaine Blend Lettuce

Seed Type: Melon
Arancino Cantaloupe Melon; Casaba Sungold Melon; Charentais Melon; Crenshaw Melon; Crimson Sweet Watermelon; Green Flesh Honeydew Melon BBB; Honey Dew Green Melon Honey Dew Orange Melon; Honeyrock Melon; Minnesota Midget Melon; Rocky Ford Green Melon

Seed Type: Okra
Clemson Spineless Okra 

Seed Type: Onion
Cabernet Onion; Cortland Onion; NewBurg Onion; Walla Walla B Walla Walla Onion; Walla Walla Sweet Onion BBB; Yellow Cippolini

Seed Type: Parsnip
Turga Parsnip

Seed Type: Pea
Green Arrow Pea; Mammoth Melting Pea; Oregon Sugar Pod Pea; Progress #9 Pea; Sugar Snap

Seed Type: Pepper
Alma Paprika Pepper; Anaheim Pepper; California Wonder BBB; California Wonder Pepper BC; Early Jalapeno Pepper; Golden California Wonder Pepper BBB; Hot Habanero Pepper; Mini Bell Pepper; Nardello Pepper; Pimento Pepper; Serrano Pepper; Sweet Cal Wonder Pepper; Sweet Chinese Giant Pepper; Sweet Golden Cal Wonder Pepper; Sweet Peppers Sweet Pickle Pepper; Sweet Purple Beauty Pepper

Seed Type: Pumpkin
Jack Be Little Pumpkin; Small Sugar Pumpkin; Sugar Pie

Seed Type: Radicchio
Chicory, Rossa Di Verona Arca; Chicory, Variegata di Chioggia Rouge De Verona Radicchio

Seed Type: Radish
Cherry Belle Radish; China Rose Radish; Watermelon Radish; White Beauty Radish; Carnival Blend Radish; Cherry Belle Radish; French Breakfast Radish Japanese Minowase Daikon; White Icicle Radish

Seed Type: Spinach
Nobel Giant Spinach

Seed Type: Squash
Black Beauty Summer Squash;  Butternut Squash;  Delicata Winter Squash;  Early CrookNeck Summer Squash;  Early Prolific Straightneck;  Early Straightneck Summer Squash;  Golden Scallopini Summer Squash;  Long Island Cheese Squash;  Melody Mix Summer Squash; Scallop, Juan et Verte Summer Squash;  Spaghetti Winter Squash;  Table Queen Acorn Squash;  Table Queen Acorn Winter Squash;  Tahitian Winter Squash;  Summer Squash; Genovese Zucchini;  Winter Squash SE (Walthan);  Winter Squash; Sonca Orange Butternut;  Yellow Bush Scallop Summer Squash

Seed Type: Sunflower
Autumn Beauty Sunflower Evening Colors Sunflower Mardi Gras Blend Tall Sunflower Skyscrapper Sunflower

Seed type: Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard

Seed Type: Tomato
Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad; Beefsteak Tomato; Beefsteak Tomato; Big Rainbow Tomato; Black Krim Tomato; Brandywine Mix Tomato; Chadwick Cherry Tomato; Cherokee Purple Tomato; Early Red Chief Tomato; Harvest Luck Heirloom Blend Tomato; Heirloom Mix Tomato; Homestead Tomato; Indigo Apple Tomato; Jujube Cherry Tomato; Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato; Mortgage Lifter Tomato; Old German Tomato; Paste Tomato; Pineapple Tomato; Purple TomatilloTomato; Red Brandywine Tomato; Red Pear Tomato; Roma Tomato; Rutgers Tomato; Siberia Tomato; Siletz Tomato; Stupice Tomato; Sweetie Cherry Tomato; Thai Pink Tomato; Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato; Verde Tomato; White Cherry Tomato; Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato; Yellow Pear Tomato

Seed Type: Turnip
Golden Globe Turnip;  Purple Top White Globe Turnip;  Purple Top White Globe Turnip.

Seed Type: Watermelon
Crimson Sweet MV - TL