1:00-2:00 PM EST, on the the second Monday of every other month at Starkey Ranch Library, starting January 2024.

  • 2024 Meeting Dates:
    • Jan 8
    • March 11
    • May 13
    • July 8
    • Sept 9
    • Nov 11 (date pending for Veterans Day)
  • Open to the public.
  • Location: Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center, 12118 Lake Blanche Dr., Odessa, FL 33556.



Each member appointed to the Council shall have an interest in cultural affairs as evidenced by a significant contribution to the arts, including but not limited to, music, theatre, dance, photography, literature, media arts, art galleries or museums, or to culture/historical societies in Pasco County or the Tampa Bay Region. Geographical representation (east, west, and central sections of the County) shall be considered in appointing members. The Council shall be composed of five (5) members and be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.


Membership Terms

Initial terms of the members of the Council and all others shall be staggered so that the terms of two members shall be one (1) year, and all others shall be two (2) years. After the initial staggered terms, member terms shall be for two (2) years. Members shall be eligible for reappointment.



The mission of the Pasco County Cultural Affairs Advisory Council (Council) is to provide cultural opportunities to the community through integrated and collaborative actions and seek to establish Pasco County as a cultural destination.

The Council shall:

    1. Advocate for the arts and culture by encouraging the study and presentation of arts and cultural activities within Pasco County.
    2. Provide recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on matters pertaining to artsand culture in Pasco County.
    3. Encourage residents throughout Pasco County to participate in and appreciate arts and culture.
    4. Encourage public interest in Pasco County's cultural heritage and expand the County's cultural resources.
    5. Apply for grants available through the Florida Division of Arts and Culture, Florida Humanities Council, and other grant agencies including private foundations.
    6. Establish an awards program that recognizes cultural programs, workshops, and events in Pasco County.