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Minutes of Meeting

Hybrid Friends of the Pasco County Library Meeting

10:30am, March 17, 2021


     I. Roll Call: Virtual Meeting roll call missed 

     II. Approve/Review Minutes

1.a  A Motion to accept the December 19,2019 minutes with correction was made by Caroline Westerhof and seconded by Mary Kate Downing.

    III.    Officer/Committee Report

  1. a. President Report: Roz Fenton talks about the success of December 2020s, drive in concert.  Planning will start to hold another concert in 2021.  The use of Starkey Ranch TLC theater was discussed as a possible venue for future concerts.  “I love my Library” bumper stickers have been ordered and will be shared as part of the Friends initiative to promote the Library.  It is urged that Friends go through the Library website and pick out certain topics to discuss and promote.   
  1. b. Vice President Report: Nothing to report
  1. c. Treasurer Report: Donation from the Otis G. Pike foundation was used for Drive in concert.  Financial Statement for year 2020 was shared. 

    IV. Unfinished Business

  1. a. Elimination of Overdue Fines Report: The Pasco County Board of Commissioners approved the elimination of collecting overdue fines.  There is still a charge for lost material. 
  1. b. Friends online Store: Roz Fenton and Amaris Papadopoulos will be working together resurrect this project.  Friends are encouraged to let Roz and Amaris know if they have any ideas for products and logos offered.  
  1. c. National Friends of the Library Week: 2020 Friends of the Library week was cancelled due to Covid-19.  October 2021 will be the next Friends of the Library Week.  It was discussed using Starkey Ranch TLC theater and offering dinner and show. Mary Beth and Roz will discuss this event further and secure a date.  Discussions will be brought to next meeting in June.  
  1. d. United for Libraries This website is for the organizations that support Libraries.  It was suggested that everyone look at the website.  There are trainings, speakers and resources for Friends.

  V. New Business

  1. a. Elections
  • President – Roz Fenton
  • Vice President – Caroline Westerhof
  • Treasurer – Lorraine Longo
  • Secretary – Kiersten Backus and Sandra Geiger 
  1. b. Statistics: Paula Wahl shares quick facts sheet for FY20-21.  
  1. c. Advocacy: Bumper stickers mentioned in the president’s report will be handed out to each branches Friends Group.  These will be handed out to patrons free of charge to promote the library.  No other advocacy initiatives where mentioned. 
  1. d. Remodels: The contractor is finishing up with construction at the Starkey Ranch TLC and furniture will be delivered later in March.  The library book collection is being cultivated.  The Branch Manager will be Laura Escamilla and Children’s Librarian will be Emily Boyce.  Both have been promoted from Regency Park Library.  In the agenda packet there is a timeline for the Branch Remodels.  New River is tentatively opening late April and Centennial Park will soon follow. 

 1.e. Cookbook: It is encouraged that Friends submit a recipe to Kiersten Backus.  There have been around 70 recipes submitted and tidbits.  The communications team will be helping with the layout of the cookbook.  Jordan Miltner will be the main point person.  Anyone can contribute to the cookbook; this is to be a community collaboration.  Stories are also encouraged. 

  1. f. New Services offered during the Pandemic: Curbside materials pickup is currently available between 10am-5pm.  Virtual programs are being offered along with live virtual events; Zoom book clubs.  Prerecorded story book readings and craft tutorials are being offered on the Pasco County Library Website.  Beanstack, summer reading tool will be launched April 5th.  The program will start with 1000 books before Kindergarten.  Curbside craft kits are also available for pickup at the branches. A new service called Cloud Library will be launched.  Cloud Library will allow mobile checkout, access e-book library to download latest best sellers.  
  1. g. Grants: There are currently two active grants; Mobile Maker Space and Books by Mail.  The Mobile Makerspace has activities weekly at Crews Lake Park.  The Makerspace is geared toward ages 3-5, registration can be completed online or over phone.  The Books by Mail grant will start in Spring and will mail books and materials to homebound residents.  To enroll in this program patrons will need to register online or call the branch. 

    VI. Branch Reports

  1. a. Regency Park: Take and Make program has been very popular, these are often linked to a virtual tutorial either live or prerecorded.  Jewelry Jam, Valentines Card Bundle, and Good Luck Cereal Bars are a few virtual programs that have been very successful.  Attendance at the virtual book club is going strong.  There was an outdoor socially distanced book sale on February 20th that raised nearly $1000.    
  1. b. Hudson: Programming was limited due to staffing issues during the height of the Pandemic.  In spite of staffing concerns there where grab and go activity kits for adult and youth offered every week during the summer.  Hudson Library hosted virtual Bingo, name that tune, and sing along with Santa.  During Christmas there was a letters to Santa mail box set up.  Patrons could mail letters to Santa and staff replied back to each letter via email.  Studio H has been booked solid with 2 - 2 hour sessions 5 days a week.  The Drive in Concert brought in 133 people virtual and in person.  Friday, March 19th Hudson Library will be hosting its first virtual happy hour program.  Patrons can attend via ZOOM and share inspirational stories, photos and anything that will boost spirits.  Two new Librarians have been hired in 2021. 
  1. c. Land O Lakes: There have been 2 staff members promoted to Librarians.  There have been 4,094 Take and Make Curbside Crafts for all ages handed out Summer 2020-Winter 2020.  There have been 213 virtual programs held including; Tai Chi, Yoga and Yoga for Stress Relief.  On Saturday, March 27th Land O Lakes Friends will be hosting their first outdoor book sale.  During the Remodel Staff will be sent over to Starkey Ranch TLC. 
  1. d. Hugh Embry/New River: There has been a small amount of Fundraising during the Pandemic.  The Friends membership renewal drive started in February.  The Friends of Hugh Embry have Stewarded some Little Free Libraries; volunteers go around and maintain the Libraries.  Library is expected to start remodeling on late April.  Staff will be moved to the newly remodeled New River Library.  The Kumquat festival has been moved to Saturday, March 27th.  The Branches have secured a challenge with NASA and the University of Central Florida Cooperative Scientist to do a Moonraker Project.  This project involves growing plants on “moon soil”, data will be sent back to NASA to aid in growing plants on the moon research.  The Healing Vets programs has been brought back and has been very successful.   
  1. e. South Holiday/Centennial Park: ESL Classes continue by appointment only.  Has also expanded to an ESL conversation class.  Stem Saturdays are offered virtually and through grab and go kits.  The mask kit sewing program will continue, roughly 30 masks kits are handed out weekly.  Once a month there is a general sewing kit offered.  There is a new program that works with University of South Florida School of Information Science called Story Strong.  This Book club addresses issues in the community, March focuses on anxiety, April theme is taxes and May focuses on loss.    March 20th there will be an outdoor book sale and membership drive.  Centennial Park has hired a new Branch Manager, Catherine Seavey.  She was promoted from Land O Lakes Library. 
  1. f. Starkey Ranch TLC: The TLC will be opening to the public in August, soft opening will be August 2nd.  The ribbon cutting will be late August early September.  The branch is currently looking at ways to start recruiting a friends group.  The first virtual programs will be offered in April. 

  VII. Announcements: Next meeting 10:30am, June 16, 2021 location TBD 

  1. VIII. Adjourn: Angelo Liranzo adjourned meeting at 11:30a.m. and Caroline Westerhof 2nd the motion