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Minutes of Meeting

Hybrid Friends of the Pasco County Library Meeting

10:30am, September 22, 2021

WebEx/In person

        I. Roll Call

Roz Fenton – Friends of Pasco County President

Caroline Westerhof – Friends of Pasco County Vice President

Mary Beth Isaacson – Regional Branch Manager – Starkey Ranch Library

Laura Escamilla - Branch Manager – Starkey Ranch Library

Glen Thompson – Friend - Hugh Embry – Treasurer

Rachel Longstaff – Friend – Land O’ Lakes

Angelo Liranzo – Regional Branch Manager - Hugh Embry/New River

Danielle Lee – Branch Manager - New River

Nola Branche – Friend - Hudson Library

Wendy Rutherford – Branch Manager - Hudson

Lisa Morgan – Library Division Manager

Kathleen Rothstein – Regional Branch Manager - Land O’ Lakes

Bob Harrison – Library Marketing Manager

Hasina Akhter – Librarian II – System Services

Tracy Blimes – Regional Branch Manager – Regency Park

Lorraine Longo – Friends of Pasco County Library Treasurer

Nancy Fredericks – Libraries Administrator

Kevin Griffith - Libraries Administrator

Gail – Friend – Land O’ Lakes – Vice President

Ginger Fredrickson – Friends – Land O’ Lakes

Kimberly Nordon-Parks – Branch Manager – South Holiday

Catherine Seavey – Branch Manager – Centennial Park

Mary Kate Downing – Branch Manager – Regency Park

Susan – Friend – Regency Park Library

Becky Finley – Friend – New River - Secretary

Kiersten Backus – Secretary


      II. Approve/Review Minutes

Motion to approve minutes by Caroline Westerhof seconded by Ginger Fredrickson. 

    III. Officer/Committee Report

  1. a. President Report

The Friends Cookbook is currently in the production and editing stages.  Recipes are still being accepted.  The tentative launch date is around the middle of December depending on editing and printing.  The online library store that was discussed at prior meetings will no longer be taking place.  The project offered too many obstacles at this time to make it profitable.  All members are encouraged to submit any fundraising ideas to  Roz Fenton thanks the Friends for the Little Free Libraries around the County.  Anyone that is interested in sponsoring a Little Free Library can reach out to for more information.  The bumper sticker initiative was a big hit.  It was mentioned purchasing more and placing them in the book club kits.  

  1. b. Vice President Report

Nothing to report 

  1. c.  Treasurer Report

Nancy Fredericks reported on the County Wide Friends finances for January to July.  Friends of the Library have two CDS with BB&T Bank along with Wells Fargo Bank Checking Account.  

    IV.  Unfinished Business

  1. a. Remodel Schedule

Reviewed current remodel schedule. 

  1. b. Strategic Plan

Reviewed the new 3-year Strategic Plan that was approved by the Board of County Commissioners and became effective October 2021.  There are three points of focus for the new plan, Education, Culture, and Community.  These three points and a layout of the new plan are available to view on YouTube 

  1. c. National Friends of the Library Week

The Friends will be honored through a resolution at an October Board of County Commissioner Meeting.  Once the date is set it will be sent out to all Friends to attend.  The staff is also working on a video to say thank you to all the Friends.  This video will be shared on social media, email and in the newsletter. 

  1. d. Other

The Fall Friends Newsletter was created and will be sent out to all.  The Newsletter is a great tool to solicit new Friends. 

      V. New Business 

  1. a. Approve 2021 Bylaws

No changes have been made to Bylaws, presented at the meeting for approval. 

Motion to approve made by Angelo Liranzo and seconded by Caroline Westerhof.   No one opposed.   

  1. b. Approve County Wide Friends of the Library Accountant Kathy Shelledy

If approved Kathy Shelledy an accountant in Hudson will maintain the Friends financial records at no charge.  Ms. Shelledy, CPA will be responsible for tracking the expenses and providing quarterly financial statements for the meetings.  QuickBooks will be closed as of September 30th 2021. Ms. Shelledy would start new records as of October 1, 2021.  There will not be a contract written, there are emails to back up transactions.  

Motion to approve made by Roz Fenton and seconded by Angelo Liranzo.  

  1. c. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Reviewed annual customer satisfaction infographic.  Overall rating was 92% and customers service rating was 93%.  

  1. d. Statistics

Reviewed statistics that compared visits prior to COVID 19, during COVID closures and after reopening.  The statistics reviewed only reflect the amount of people that are coming through the door.  Since COVID the library has put a lot of focus on virtual programing.   

  1. e.   Friends Fundraising Ideas  

Centennial Park and South Holiday Friends are raising money through a gift basket donation programs.  All groups are encouraged to think of County Wide fundraiser ideas and send them to      

    VI.  Branch Reports

  1. a. Regency Park

Library staff has been recording and posting Regency Fresh Staff Picks Cooking videos once a month.  Story times are being offered at Lake Lisa Park.  The Prodigy Arts will be coming to the branch and offering classes every Monday.  The Mobile Makerspace will be used systemwide beginning October 1.   Grant obligations have been fulfilled. 

  1. b.      Hudson

The sidewalk storywalk that is offered every Saturday has been updated.  There is also a Friends sidewalk book sale.  Studio H has been busy with about 3 recordings sessions 5 days a week.  There was an actual album that was recorded at this location.   

  1. c. Land O Lakes

The Land O’ Lakes Library is currently under remodel and the Friends continue to support programing at the Land O’ Lakes Recreation Center.  Story times, yoga and tai-chi are among the few programs being offered.  The back of the recreation center near the dog park is used as a holds pick up location.  The location is open Tuesday and Thursday 12-6pm and Saturday 12-5pm.  

  1. d. Hugh Embry/New River

Hugh Embry Library is currently under construction.  The Dade City Senior Center is used as a drop of location 2 days a week.  New River Library’s Discovery Garden now has a new logo.  Some patrons are visiting the garden to have lunch and relax.  The Garden has officially been turned over to the Library.  People who have reservations to use the 28 planter beds have been contacted to start grow planting.  There are currently 52 people on the waiting list for planter beds.  Road construction has resumed at the New River Library with a different contractor.  

  1. e.  South Holiday/Centennial Park

South Holiday Library is currently closed for remodel and staff is housed at Centennial Park Library.  The branches are hosting joint story time outreach at Anclote River Park twice a month on Thursdays.  

  1. f.        Starkey Ranch TLC

The Starkey Library has been opened for about 2 months.  The partnership with the School has been going well.  There have been some programs offered and working on expanding.  

  1. g. Systemwide Services

Hasina Akhter has reported on behalf of System Services.  There is a new book leasing program to get popular books out faster.  They are currently working on a new collection for South Holiday and Hugh Embry.  The Books by Mail program has been successful and continues to increase.  The website is being revamped to make the site more user friendly.  

  1. h. Fiscal

The County’s FY2022 is about to begin October 1, 2021.  Fiscal services are wrapping up all purchasing and records for the current FY2021 year.  Paula Wahl has been meeting with the branches quarterly on how to implement the new budget and keep programs moving.  

  1. i. Marketing and Communications

The Communications team is working on vehicle wraps for all the Library vans.  Jordan Miltner has designed the wraps.  These vehicles are a great way to advertise.  Social Media is continuing to engage more and more people.  Amaris Papadopoulos has been working on connecting the Library System with business around Pasco County.  

         VII.  Announcements

Next Meeting - Wednesday, December 15, 2021 10:30 a.m. – Location: Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center: 12118 Lake Blanche Drive, Odessa, FL 33556. 

  1. VIII.  Adjourn 

Meeting was adjourned 11:40 a.m.