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Minutes of Meeting

Pasco County Library System
Friends of Pasco County Library
Minutes of Meeting
Friday, December 14, 2018
Land O’ Lakes Library

I. Call to Order/Roll Call

  • Sean McGarvey – Libraries Administrator
  • Nancy Fredericks – Libraries Administrator
  • Roz Fenton - President of County Wide Friends
  • Kathleen Rothstein – Land O’ Lakes Regional Branch Manager
  • Danielle Lee – New River Branch Manager
  • Angelo Liranzo – Hugh Embry/New River Regional Branch Manger
  • Mary Beth Isaacson – Centennial Park/South Holiday Regional Branch Manger
  • Tracy Blimes – Regency Park Regional Branch Manager
  • Paulette Darko – Friend of Library
  • Katrina Rash – Hudson Branch Manager
  • Nola Branche – Friend of Library
  • Paula Wahl – Administrative Services Manager
  • Kimberly Nordon-Parks – South Holiday Branch Manager

II. Approve/Review Minutes September 14, 2018

The minutes from previous meeting were approved.

III. Officer/ Committee Reports 

a. Presidents Report

Roz Fenton, President, thanks the Friends and Staff for all the hard work that goes into running the library.  On December 9, 2018 there was a Chopin project that brought traffic into the branch on a Sunday.  The concert brought an attendance of 150 people.  This concert was held at Hudson Regional Library and was the 2nd in its series.  One of the attendees, Dr. Marc Yacht, submitted an article to the TBT to promote the program and the Library.  He would like to partner with the Libraries to promote the activities and programs that the Library has to offer.  Flyers were distributed to each attendee of the meeting and a stack was given to Roz to start promoting the next show, April 20, 2019.  There is a possibility to have another concert before the next show along with exploring other options for programs. 

Roz asked the Friends that were present at the meeting if it would be beneficial to hold meetings to educate the Friends on what the library website has to offer.  Library staff (Hasina Akhter) would be the presenter of this program.  Most branches have monthly meetings which could serve as a place for the presentations.  Angelo mentioned offering the presentation as an agenda item at the monthly/quarterly meetings.  It was also considered to present the website information at a separate meeting with or without the public.  Kiersten will coordinate with the branch managers to see when the meetings would be most appropriate for their group.  These meetings will be scheduled before the next County Wide Friends meeting in March.  The meeting can be organized as a way to promote the Library Services. 

Roz brought up the library website up on the screen and opened the volunteer tab with all the volunteer jobs listed.  The staff was asked how they feel about the descriptions.  Angelo said they are helpful to refer to but do not apply to each branch.  The descriptions are a good idea to let the potential volunteers know what they are getting themselves into when they work with the Libraries.  Roz offers a suggestion to move the descriptions from the volunteer tab to the Friends tab. This comes up after a request from someone to remove them from the volunteer tab.  Kathleen says that there are certain descriptions that apply to the Friends that would be appropriate to move but not all off them.  Nola brings up that most of the descriptions listed are reporting to the Library Manager not the Friends so moving all of them may be misleading.  Roz believes that the Friends could do more than the book sale and that some of these descriptions can become more Friends related.  The Ambassador Outreach would be an example of a description that can be a Friends job.  Kathleen mentions that there are too many descriptions and suggest trimming them down and placing them in both the Friends tab and the Library tab.  Kiersten will schedule a meeting in January with Roz, Nancy, Kathleen and Hasina. To discuss the volunteer/friends job descriptions.      

b. Treasure Report

Lorraine Longo, Treasure was not present at the meeting, Nancy Fredericks gave report in her place.  The net profit was $.93, all the money that came in went back out to programs, speakers and other supplies.  The bank balance as of 11/30/2018 is $29,459.64. 

The Friends of the Library received a charitable donation in the amount of $5,000.  This donation came from the Otis G. Pike Trust via the Trustee Barbe B. Pike.  This money from the Trust is included in the bank balance above.  Nancy would like to send out a thank you note that explains what the money was used for.  A suggestion from Roz and Nancy was to spend the money on a Sunday Music/Lecture Series that travels through the entire library system.  Nancy asked that each Branch Manager go back to their and see if there are any other suggestions.  These suggestions will need to be emailed no later than 12/21/18.  The decision on how to spend the money will be determined that Friday and the thank you letter will be sent out then. There were questions if a concert series was done would there be any recognition to the Charitable Organization.  This could make more people become inclined to donate to the library.

IV. Unfinished Business

a. Friends Newsletter

Since the last meeting South Holiday’s volunteers have changed duties and will no longer being doing the meetings.  New River has a volunteer, Lise Venning that is willing to work on the newsletter.  If she is willing to get the information gathered from each Friends group on a quarterly basis, Bob and Jordan could help with the formatting of the letter. Danielle Lee mentioned that Lise was more interested in putting the newsletter together but they will discuss other roles.  Kiersten will schedule a meeting between Roz, Nancy, Bob, Angelo, Danielle and Lise to discuss everyone’s role.  Angelo suggested that she has a contact from each branch to gather the happening news from each branch.  If those contacts don’t send information then that branches news will not be published.  We will try and make it a two sided letter with brief descriptions of what is going on.

b. GO Bond Approval

Paula gave an update on the remodel program for each branch since the GO Band was approved.  The 7 branch remodels will be taking place over a 3 year span.  Kick off meetings and formalizing schedules will be taking place soon.  The handout that was given at the meeting lists the projected start and end dates for each branch starting with Centennial Park.  Our team is continuing to meet with the design consultant and Facilities that helped cultivate our plans.  Feedback and informational sessions will be held periodically throughout the process to keep everyone in touch.  The branches that are under construction will be closed with staff going to other locations during the remodel.  This remodel will open opportunities to fill holes in other branches or to reach out to the community in outreach events.  

c. Starkey Ranch

Nancy reports that the Board of County Commissioners approved another $1 Million for 4thousand sq. ft.  The Starkey Ranch Library is now 30 sq. ft. instead of 20 sp. ft.  The new branch will have a theater, 3 maker spaces, adult room, children’s room and study rooms.  The projected opening date will be August 2021.

d. Online Friends Store

At the last meeting Jordan Miltner presented the idea of having an online friends store to bring in more profits for the Friends. The online store would market library material for the public to purchase.  Angelo is concerned that the online store would not gain the profit that is expected.  People express interest in library material but they may not be willing to pay.  Roz reminds that this project would not cost the Friends anything to maintain, it is a profit based company.  The initial work would be in the beginning of the endeavor to set up designs, find a vendor and set up how to receive the funds.  Bob and Jordan are willing to help with the designs for the website.  The Friends would be responsible for managing the funds.  The Friends that were present believe that this is a great idea to bring in extra funds.   Paula asks if there is someone in the Friends group that will manage the content for the store front. Roz has volunteered to work with BOB and Jordan on the initial setup and then train other volunteers to take over.

V.  New Business 

a. Friends Donations vs. Sales

Nancy reminds Friends and managers that there sales tax does not have to be paid on donations.  The only items that are taxed are sale items like the books.  Roz asked if every branch has a donation box, not every branch has one out all the time.  It was determined that the drawings for book baskets are for donations and are not taxable.  Roz will discuss with each Friends group how and when to display their donation box.    

b. Other – Taking Library out of Title

Commissioner Starkey proposed removing Library from the name of the Starkey Ranch Library.  To Commissioner Starkey the new Library seems more like a Cultural Center.  There is currently a movement called Libraries Transform that is informing people that Libraries are more than just books.  Libraries offer movies, maker spaces and programs.  The Friends can draft a letter to Commissioner Starkey on the importance of the name Library.  The Pasco County Library System does not have the marketing budget to rebrand the library.  Angelo was asked to draft the letter and pass along to the Friends to make edits.  This letter will then go to Commissioners Starkey or all the Commissioners. 

VI. Meeting Adjourn

"Next meeting March 13, 2019 9:00 A.M. Land O’ Lakes Library 2818 Collier Parkway"