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Minutes of Meeting

Friends of the Pasco County Library System

September 12, 2019

Land O’ Lakes Library

      I.        Roll Call

    • Roz Fenton – Friends of Pasco County President
    • Caroline Westerhof – Friends of Pasco County Vice President
    • Lorraine Longo – Friends of Pasco County Treasurer
    • Tracy Blimes – Regional Branch Manager - Regency Park
    • Karyn Stanley – Library Assistant II - Regency Park
    • Mary Beth Isaacson – Regional Branch Manager - Centennial Park/South Holiday
    • Glen Thompson – Friend - Hugh Embry - Treasurer
    • Angelo Liranzo – Regional Branch Manager - Hugh Embry/New River
    • Marie McLeod – Friend - Hugh Embry Library
    • Danielle Lee – Branch Manager - New River
    • Nola Branche – Friend - Hudson Library
    • Katrina Rash – Branch Manager - Hudson
    • Lisa Morgan – Library Division Manager
    • Kathleen Rothstein – Regional Branch Manager - Land O’ Lakes
    • Robert Speich – Branch Manager - Land O’ Lakes
    • Nancy Fredericks – Libraries Administrator
    • Kevin Griffith – Libraries Administrator
    • Kiersten Backus – Secretary


    II.        Approve/Review Minutes

Caroline made a motion to approve, Tracy seconded the motion


   III.        Officer/Committee Report

A.    Treasurer Report

As of July 31, 2019, the bank balance was $29,573.08. A Year to Date financial statement was distributed.  Caroline made a motioned to approve, Nola seconded.

B.    Vice President Report

Nothing to report

C.    President Report

Roz Fenton thanked the Staff and Friends for all their contributions over the last couple of months.  Roz discussed the upcoming concert series and how it will be advertised.  All in attendance received a few concert series flyers to distribute to the public while out.  There was a concert series checklist that was handed out for the employees and volunteers to follow the day of the concert.  Staff and volunteers were asked to arrive an hour early to set up and assist the performers.  At each branch the concerts will be held on the library floor.  The County Wide Friends will be presenting each Branch with a $100 check to pay for refreshments.  The county-wide Friends will also provide checks to pay the performers.  The music series was funded by the Otis G Pike Foundation.  Nancy mentions that employees will be offered overtime for working the day of the show.  Friends and staff are all encouraged to attend.  The concerts are good opportunities to recruit new members for the Friends and receive cash donations.  A Friends table and donation table can be set up for the events. 

Roz Fenton shared with everyone what she takes along with her during presentations in the community.  The handouts emphasize events and services that the Library offers.  Roz talks about the library brochure, events, e-content and services.   Roz Fenton encourages everyone to share more information about the library with the public.


   IV.        Unfinished Business

A.    Friends of the Library Newsletter

Everyone received a copy of the Friends Newsletter.  Roz Fenton thanked Glen Thompson, who was in the Friends Spotlight for the first issue.  Roz also thanked Becky, New River Friend, for putting the newsletter together.  Managers and Friends are encouraged to submit any information for the Fall Newsletter to Becky.  There will be an email sent out to the branches with information on what to submit for the next issue.

B.    Online Store Update

Roz Fenton would like to start moving forward with the online store.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions send the information to Jordan Miltner.  The online store works as a print on demand service.  There will be various products with the Friends logo that the patrons can purchase.  The company will take a share of the profit and Friends will take the rest.  Samples will be displayed at each of the branches so patrons can see what the product could look like.  Design ideas and items will be brought and selected for the next Friends meeting.  Ideas can be sent to Branch Managers and they will forward to Jordan.

C.    Friends Breakfast

Roz Fenton reported that the April Friends Breakfast cost was $2076.  Roz thanked everyone that assisted with the breakfast and a special thanks to the presenter Cora Dunkley.  The next Friends Appreciation event will be held October 2020 during Friends of the Library Month.  Friends are encouraged to come up with locations that are in the central part of the County.   The option to car pool will be available for the next event. 


    V.        New Business

A.    Memorials and Other Donations

Roz Fenton mentions that the concert series is being funded by a gracious donation from the Otis Pike Foundation.  Roz stresses that the Friends of the Library accept monetary donations in addition to book donations (museum type boxes, a box/jar at events, etc.).  Funds donated to buy books are also a great way for people to be remembered (memorials).  The book donations will go through the County-wide Friends and then the Library will purchase the request.  There are links to donate on the PCLS website.

 B.    Branch Reports

1.     Land O’ Lakes – Robert

There was a very successful summer with an increase in program attendance.  Robert thanked the Land O’ Lake Friends for suppling more money for the programing.  The branch is starting some new programs; Kids Yoga and Girls that Code.  The Discovery pass for Glazer added 14 more passes.  There will  

2.    Hudson – Katrina

Katrina reported that the summer was successful, a lot of performers and programs were offered.  There is a new Librarian I – Isabel for the teen services.   There will be a book sale the last week in September.

3.    New River – Danielle

Danielle reported that the New River Branch and Staff are gearing up to close.  A Holds location will be Atonement Lutheran Church.  There are a lot of scheduled outreach events for the Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel area. 

4.    Hugh Embry - Angelo

There will be a new program for teens that is a walking tour around historic Dade City.  The first tour was through the Historic Court House and was very successful.  Hugh Embry Library is ready for the New River closure and to receive their collection.  Hugh Embry will have Friends elections coming up in October.  Glen Thompson mentions that there is a new program called Post Crossing.  This will include post card sharing around the world to connect cultures.  Anyone can attend.  The Link for this program will be on the Facebook page in November.  Hugh Embry is still working on restoring the 75 year old portrait of the branch.  The Chamber of Commerce has donated $500 to the restoration.  Hugh Embry applied for a Digitization Grant.

5.    Centennial Park – Mary Beth

The branch is ready to close in October.  The team will be based out of South Holiday and will offer assistance to other branches as needed.  Centennial Park will be offering a Tea Time Party to promote the Downton Abbey Movie.  There will be a Crafting with Kittens event in October.  This event would have adoptable kittens brought by Animal Services.   

6.    Regency Park – Tracy Blimes

The Regency Fresh Grand Opening will be on October 17th at 10am.  The kitchen program has been in full swing.  The calendar will show any food based programs.  Invites to the grand opening will be sent out within the next few weeks. 

   VI.        Other

    1. Roz Fenton thanked the staff for supporting and collaborating with each branches Friends groups. 
    2. Roz Fenton shared the patron satisfaction survey.  The overall approval rating was 98%, customer service 99% and online services was 79%.  Kevin Griffith and Nancy Fredericks met with Cathy Pearson, the library is doing great!  Cathy Pearson mentioned that it is great when we have to make something good better. 
    3. Next meeting branches will discuss more about Makerspaces.