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Volunteer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for PCLS Volunteering Site


Who Can Volunteer?

Pasco County Library System volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and experience including students, people from the business community, stay-at-home moms and retirees.

Are Volunteers Subject to Background Checks?

Yes, to ensure the safety of our patrons and staff, Pasco County Library conducts a background check on all adult volunteers. Volunteers are not responsible for any costs or fees associated with the background check.

How Old Do I Need To Be to Volunteer?

Adult volunteers must be at least age 18 or have graduated from high school. Teen volunteers must be at least age 13.

Can I Complete Community Service Hours that are Court-Ordered?

At this time the library is not able to supervise those looking for court-ordered community service opportunities.



What Things Do Volunteers Do?

We have a variety of opportunities for people to help the library provide its many services to the community. Some of the opportunities include shelving materials, library greeter and providing various other duties. 

Do Volunteers Get To Pick Their Job Function(s)?

The available job functions depend upon current needs of each individual library branch. Staff will match the volunteer's skill with the currently available job function at the branch applied to.



Where Can I Volunteer?

You can volunteer at any Pasco County Libraries System branch.



When Do I Actually Begin Volunteering At A Branch?

On average, it will take 1 to 3 weeks after your interview to be placed as a volunteer and begin training. If we are able to match you with an activity quickly, you could start sooner.

Is There a Time Limit for Volunteering?

We request that our volunteers commit to a minimum commitment of 3 months. Some positions require more training. Those job functions will ask for a commitment of 6 months or longer. 

Can I Work Different Days and Times Each Week?

As with any job, the library relies on our volunteers to commit to a set schedule each week. It is helpful to our staff to be able to assign job functions, when volunteers are dependable, and show up for work regularly. However, special requirements or events can usually be accommodated.

I Work During the Week. Do You Have any Volunteer Opportunities on Weekends?

Yes. We have some volunteers work on Saturdays. Many of our special events occur on Saturdays.



How Do I Get Started?

For all PCLS libraries, excluding Zephyrhills: You can fill out and submit an application here. Once the application is received, the library staff will contact you to arrange an interview. The purpose of the interview is to determine the best match between your skills, interests and the libraries’ needs. 

For Zephyrhills City Library Contact the library directly, either in person or by phone. Click here for more information.